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Protect Wooden Tabletops With Custom-Cut Acrylic Toppers

Even though synthetic materials have grown in popularity in furniture fabrication, traditional wood is still a preferred furniture material choice among manufacturers. From coffee tables and accent tables to dining tables, the majority of these residential furniture pieces are crafted from some type of wood. Wooden tables are versatile in appearance, can be long-lasting, and are readily available.

If you have wooden tables in your home, the furniture pieces likely serve you well. Unfortunately, wooden tabletops can be prone to damage because of all the ways in which the tables may be used. Custom-cut acrylic table toppers can be a good investment to protect wooden tables. Take a look at the advantages of protecting your wooden tabletops with acrylic toppers.

Protect the Decorative Finish of the Wood from Scratches and Dings

Tables, especially larger wooden models, can be expensive pieces of furniture. The average person may spend more than $1,000 on a dining room table. With a price tag this large, seeing a table scratched and dinged can really be painful. Wood may be resilient, but the finish of the tabletop can be prone to scratches and dings without a lot of force.

Naturally, some types of wood are easier to scar than others. For example, pine may sustain damage easier and with less force than a hardwood like oak. A tabletop may be scratched or dinged by:

  • Moving a heavy object across the surface

  • Playing with toys like blocks or cars on the table's surface

  • Dropping something heavy like a pot or pan on the surface of the table

Unfortunately, scars can happen easily but the repairs for such markings are not so easy to repair. With a custom-fit acrylic sheet placed over the table's surface, you may not have to contend with scratches and dings as you normally would.

Thwart Issues with the Wood Caused By Moisture

The typical piece of real wood furniture develops cracks and fading in as little as 10 to 15 years. Much of the change in the wood's appearance is caused by exposure to the elements. Even inside the home, temperature and humidity levels can vary. Plus, wood can be exposed to moisture while cleaning or due to spills.

Installing a custom-cut piece of acrylic on the tabletop can help to thwart some of the issues that can expose the wood to moisture. The acrylic sheet will be seated firmly on the wood to act as a protective layer so moisture can't get through so easily.

Avoid Stains on the Wood Due to Spills

Some stains on wood will be easy enough to remove with a good spray of white vinegar, but stains that sink deeper into the wood can leave permanent discoloration and damage to the wood grain. Normally, removing something like nail polish remover could involve everything from sanding to rejointing split jointed pieces with wood glue.

From coffee and juice to fingernail polish remover, all of these can generate stubborn stains that make a tabletop look unsightly. Spills are a common occurrence in life; you may not be able to stop spills from happening. What you can do is protect the tabletop with an acrylic topper. If something is spilled onto the wooden surface, the spill will just pool so it can easily be soaked up with a paper towel.

Your wooden tables are no doubt important parts of your home interior and overall design. Therefore, keeping them in good shape and looking their best is likely a top priority. If you would like to protect your tabletops with custom-cut acrylic pieces, reach out to us at MGM Plastics for help.


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