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Your Choice For Custom Fiber Reinforced Products

Since 1980, Fiber Reinforced Products (FRP) has been custom fabricating fiber reinforced products for our clients throughout Southern California.

We specialize in hand lay, chopper gun, and infusion processes for our fiber reinforced products. We have extensive experience in engineering, design, production tools and fixtures, as well as room temp and high temp laminates. Our custom fabrications include short run and cost effective tools.

Why Choose Us?

Simply put, we're good at what we do! Dependability and responsiveness is the way we do business. If you have an idea for a fiber reinforced product, call us at 760.744.8909 and we'll be happy to work with you to make your dream a reality! We have been specializing in custom fabricated fiberglass and fiber reinforced plastic for over 35 years and are happy to bring our expertise to your project.

Our Process for Custom Fabricated Fiber Reinforced Products

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Handlay Process

Intricate part lamination for after market motorcycle parts, scanner boxes, carbon fiber, kevlar and composite applications.

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Chopper Gun

Non-critical laminations - off-road car bodies, large bulk layups.

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Full suite infusion services from our FRP Factory floor!

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