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Revolutionizing Acrylic Fabrication at MGM Plastics

Acrylic fabrication is a cornerstone of modern design, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. At MGM Plastics, we harness this versatile material to craft stunning, durable pieces tailored to each client’s specifications.

Based in San Marcos, California, our workshop combines art and technology to transform acrylic into anything you can dream up.

Visual Appeal

Acrylic offers a crystal-clear or opaquely colored finish that makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, from commercial signage to artistic installations. Its ability to refract and filter light provides options for innovative design solutions that can make any space or product stand out. At MGM Plastics, we use the latest cutting and molding techniques to ensure your projects not only meet but exceed your aesthetic expectations.

Durability and Longevity

Unlike glass and other fragile materials, acrylic is known for its strength and resistance to impact. This makes it perfect for use in high-traffic areas or for products that require long-lasting durability. Our clients trust MGM Plastics to provide acrylic solutions that are as durable as they are beautiful, ensuring a long lifespan and excellent value for their investment.

Flexibility in Design

Acrylic is highly adaptable, allowing for a range of modifications in color, transparency, and shape. This flexibility means we can create complex, customized pieces that are exactly as envisioned. Whether you need components that are intricately detailed or large and structurally sound, MGM Plastics has the capability to meet all your design and functional needs.


Despite its high-end look, acrylic is surprisingly cost-effective, especially when compared to alternatives like glass and polycarbonate. MGM Plastics is proud to offer competitive pricing on our acrylic fabrication services, making it accessible for budgets of all sizes. We work efficiently to reduce waste and pass those savings onto our clients, providing an affordable way to achieve high-quality results.

Eco-Friendly Options

At MGM Plastics, we are committed to sustainability. Acrylic is recyclable, and we ensure that offcuts and residuals from our fabrication processes are handled responsibly. Our commitment to the environment means you can feel good about choosing our acrylic fabrication services, knowing they are designed to have a minimal environmental impact.


For top-tier acrylic fabrication services that blend beauty, durability, and sustainability, look no further than MGM Plastics. We invite you to visit our facility at 235 Bingham Dr, San Marcos, CA, call us at (760) 744-8909, or explore our website at to see how we can bring your project to life.


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