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How to Incorporate Acrylic Into Your Home

Acrylic has become very popular in homes in recent years. People use it to create all kinds of structures and décor items. Most often, it is used in custom pieces since acrylic is fairly amenable to just about any idea or type of construction.

While you're free to use acrylic in any way you see fit, consider some of these trends and possibilities for use in your own home.

Use in Place of Glass

To start with, acrylic material can be used just about anywhere you would normally use glass but don't want to for whatever reason.

Despite the fact that acrylic is lightweight, it's actually stronger than glass. Plus, it won't shatter if it gets met with heavy impact.

This makes it a great choice when you want a sturdy coffee table top without worrying about your kids or pets breaking it and hurting themselves. Acrylic could also be used when you have someone with mobility issues who might struggle to open a heavy glass door.

Basically, if you would use glass for a particular application, acrylic can replace it effectively.

Create Cabinets

When you think of cabinets, you probably think of them being made of wood or some other tough material. However, many people use acrylic in their cabinet design.

Clear acrylic is especially popular since it offers greater clarity than glass, allowing you to see exactly what's in each cabinet, and it can give a polished, modern appearance to your kitchen.

Create Cool Signs

Signs and words throughout the home are very popular these days. It's not at all uncommon to see signs that say words like “Family” or “Home.”

If you want to create a cool, long-lasting sign, whether it features a word or a phrase, you can always opt for an acrylic sign. These signs can be custom created to look any way you want and to say anything you want, giving your home a vibe that's uniquely you and yours.

Add in Acrylic Furniture

Just as you wouldn't expect acrylic to be used in cabinets, you might not expect to see it used in furniture. But it can be, and this trend is catching on.

You can opt for custom furniture pieces made entirely of acrylic or with acrylic mixed in among other mediums. The choice is yours.

Benefit From Acrylic Countertops

Another surprising use of acrylic in the home is in the form of acrylic countertops.

Not only can acrylic be made to look like anything you want, including more expensive stone or marble, but it's also resistant to scratches.

So, if you're worried about your countertops getting ruined by a cat who can't stay off the counters, your kids racing cars up and down the surface, or even a wayward knife, acrylic counters are the perfect solution. Keep them clear for a clean look, or have them designed to look any way you like.

Stock Up on Shelves

Want to draw attention to your rare book collection or your favorite knickknacks? There's no better way than to add in acrylic shelves.

The clear, clean lines of acrylic make for perfect shelf displays. Plus, the material is so strong it can hold even the heaviest object collections with ease.

Acrylic can have all kinds of uses. Believe it or not, these are just a few of many options you have. So, if you're ready to use acrylic in your home, in any way, contact MGM Plastics to talk about your ideas. The professionals here will be more than happy to help you come up with a plan to make your acrylic dreams a reality.


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