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Diffusers for Commercial LED Lighting: 4 Reasons to Choose Acrylic

LED lighting has many advantages over fluorescent and incandescent lighting, and LED light fixtures have become a common sight in a wide variety of commercial buildings. However, while LED light fixtures are reliable and energy-efficient, the light they produce can be somewhat harsh and uneven.

This is hardly ideal if you want to create a welcoming environment for clients and customers. Fortunately, fitting acrylic plastic diffusers is an easy and cost-effective way to soften the light produced by your LED fixtures.

Why Are Diffusers So Important for LED Lighting? LED light fixtures produce light using an array of tiny, individual bulbs, which combine to create a significant amount of light with very little power. However, the light created by an array of bulbs will be less even than light produced by a single, larger bulb. When used indoors, LED lights can leave some areas of a room uncomfortably bright, while other areas remain dim and shadowed. The contrast between the bright individual bulbs and the unlit spaces between them can also make LED lights harsh and unpleasant to look at, especially at night; particularly bright points of light emanating from an LED fixture are known as hot spots, and they should be avoided in commercial settings wherever possible. You can use diffusers to soften the light produced by LED fixtures, and distribute it more evenly around indoor and outdoor locations. As LED light travels through a translucent diffuser, it is scattered evenly in all directions, creating a soft, welcoming glow reminiscent of traditional incandescent lighting. Diffusers also hide the individual LED bulbs from direct view, eliminating hot spots. Why Should You Choose Acrylic Plastic Diffusers for LED Lighting? Light diffusers can be made from a variety of materials, but acrylic plastic is one of the very best. If you need to create diffusers for a custom-made LED lighting rig, or you want to replace the diffusers fitted to your existing LED lights, here are several reasons to choose diffusers made from acrylic plastic. Acrylic Is Cheap First and foremost, acrylic plastic diffusers tend to be cheaper than polycarbonate plastic diffusers and a fraction of the price of glass diffusers. If you need to replace all the diffusers in a large commercial building, or you have a particularly elaborate custom diffuser design in mind, acrylic plastic can significantly reduce the costs. Acrylic Is Durable Despite their low prices, acrylic plastic diffusers are also physically durable, and well-made acrylic diffusers can withstand many years of use. Acrylic diffusers can certainly take a lot more physical abuse than glass diffusers, and they are more resistant to shattering. Acrylic plastic is also more resistant to scratching than other diffuser materials, and it will not become discolored when exposed to harsh sunlight — a common problem with polycarbonate plastic diffusers. This combination of plus points make acrylic plastic an excellent choice if you need new diffusers for outdoor LED lights or LED-lighted signage. Acrylic Transmits More Light All light diffusers will inevitably reduce the amount of useful light produced by an LED fixture, and using polycarbonate or frosted glass diffusers can make your lights significantly dimmer. However, the unique structure of acrylic plastic allows it to scatter light effectively with a minimal reduction in useful light levels. If you have a large commercial space that relies on multiple mounted lighting fixtures, such as a warehouse, acrylic diffusers can be fitted without reducing ambient light to unsafe levels. Acrylic diffusers are also ideal for lighted outdoor signage, which should remain as bright as possible to attract passersby. Acrylic Is Versatile If you need to create light diffusers with printed designs, or you want to create a distinctive diffuser design for a hotel lobby or corporate conference center, acrylic plastic is a very versatile choice. A well-equipped plastic fabrication service can create elaborate and beautiful custom diffuser designs, giving your commercial space some serious visual flair. If you have any more questions about acrylic light diffusers, get in touch with the acrylic experts at MGM Plastics.


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