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Custom Indoor Signage: 4 Reasons to Choose Acrylic

Outdoor signs have been used to advertise businesses for as long as businesses have existed. However, in the modern commercial world, indoor signage in offices, call centers, building lobbies and other commercial spaces is just as common and just as important.

Signs can be useful for promoting brand awareness in customer-facing areas. In offices and other employee-only areas, clearly visible signage can make spaces more attractive and easier to navigate.

However, for any office sign to be effective, it must be made from the right materials. If your business needs branded, custom-made signage for offices spaces or other indoor commercial environments, acrylic plastic signage is an excellent choice because of these characteristics.

1. Attractive

Interior signage is one of the best ways to effectively stamp your brand on a commercial property, particularly if your business is a recent startup or has recently relocated to new premises. Obviously, your signs will need to be both attractive and highly visible to achieve this effect, and custom-made acrylic signage satisfies both criteria.

Acrylic plastic is available in a wide variety of base colors, and many acrylic fabrication services offer custom color creations. Acrylic plastic is also compatible with a wide variety of printing and design application techniques, including screen printing and laser engraving, so acrylic signs have a near-limitless array of options for styling. 3D signage with raised designs and lettering is also available.

Unlike other signage materials, acrylic plastic is also available in transparent and semi-transparent varieties. Clear or frosted acrylic signage can be especially eye-catching (particularly when fitted with backlighting or high-contrast lettering) and creates a sleek, futuristic look that will impress customers and potential investors alike.

2. Durable

Transparent acrylic plastic is widely used as a tough alternative to glass. The acrylic plastics used to fabricate office signage are resistant to heavy impacts, as well as everyday wear and tear.

Office signage made from acrylic plastic is chip- and scratch-resistant. This makes acrylic signs ideal for use in high-traffic areas, file storage rooms, and other areas where they may suffer from accidental impact damage. Unlike metal and plastic foam signage, acrylic signage is also thoroughly resistant to moisture damage.

Acrylic plastic signage is also prized for its resistance to damaging UV sunlight, which can cause some commonly used materials to fade and discolor. This is obviously less of a concern for signs that will be used indoors, but choosing acrylic office signage will ensure that any signs positioned near windows, skylights, and doors do not become faded and unattractive over time.

3. Easy to Install

Acrylic plastic is a relatively lightweight material, and most acrylic signs made for offices and commercial environments are quick and easy to install. This will help minimize installation costs and also allows most acrylic office signs to be installed without additional wall strengthening measures, such as reinforced backboards.

4. Cost Effective

Despite these useful and attractive qualities, acrylic plastic is inexpensive, especially when compared to other materials used for high-end commercial signage, such as stainless steel and treated timber. Since custom-made signs will inevitably cost more than off-the-shelf alternatives, choosing acrylic plastic can help make custom signage more affordable for smaller companies.

The long-lasting durability of acrylic plastic makes acrylic office signage an excellent long-term investment, since you will not have to replace damaged or faded signs frequently. The low cost of acrylic plastics also makes them ideal for creating oversized, branded signs for lobbies and conference centers, which can cost thousands of dollars when made from other materials.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to have a new, custom office sign made from acrylic plastics. If you have any more questions about acrylic plastic signage, contact the plastic fabrication experts at MGM Plastics.


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