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4 Reasons Your Display Stands Should Be Custom

Your retail store depends on your ability to present and display your products for purchase. Display stands, shelves, and racks are necessary investments to help your store experience better sales.

You may be tempted to settle for second-hand, mismatched, or older model display stands to save money, but this is not always a good idea. Read on to discover four reasons all your display stands should be custom instead.

1. Custom Displays Allow for Freedom of Design Custom displays give you the freedom to choose design style, dimensions, and materials that fit the needs of your store. These features allow you to meet any challenge your store layout might throw your way. For example, you can create display stands that fit into alcoves or other unique spaces that cannot accept standard, ready-made display hardware. Custom displays also let you meet special display requirements. Retail product that is oversized, heavy, or especially delicate needs suitable display specifications like reinforcement or protective covers that ordinary displays cannot provide. Finally, custom displays let you create high-impact display areas. For example, a full-wall display is visually striking, but you might have difficulty finding a used display stand that fits your store’s wall. 2. Custom Displays Create a Cohesive Look in Your Retail Store Your store brand might rely on certain design elements to create a certain look, like warm colors, wood flooring, and soft lighting for a homey feel. How can you maintain a homey feel when your display stands, shelving, and other hardware consist of wildly varying metal types and styles? Custom displays help your store achieve a more cohesive look because they are all constructed of like materials and styles that you choose to complement your statement. Additionally, a more cohesive and consistent look lends a feeling of sophistication and investment that customers feel when they enter your store and linger. Rather than faced with a jarring collection of different, poorly matched hardware, shoppers see class and attention to detail that could translate to better sales. 3. Custom Displays Are Well-Built and Long-Lasting Those previously used shelves and display stands you picked up at the local commercial inventory sale are just that – previously used. They may or may not still possess the strength, integrity, or quality they originally possessed when they were newly made. Also, because they are used, they probably lack any kind of guarantee. Do you trust ordinary used shelving and display stands to support and display your most important business asset — your inventory? If not, it may be time to invest in custom displays that are quality and long-lasting. New, custom displays are made of durable materials like acrylic and other plastics.


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