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4 Benefits of Using Acrylic vs. Glass in Your Museum

If you need to purchase new displays for your museum, you might consider having them made from glass. This is a traditional choice, and many museums of all different sizes and types have glass display cases.

However, there are other options that might actually be better for your museum. You may want to consider having your displays made from acrylic instead of glass for the following reasons and more.

1. Acrylic is Much More Durable Durability is something that you should keep in mind when you purchase displays for the items in your museum. For one thing, you probably want to protect the valuable or irreplaceable items that you display in your museum. Choose displays that will hold up well without breaking, as this is a good way to keep items safe while they are out for the public to view. Additionally, you probably don't want to buy all new displays in the near future if you can avoid it. Because acrylic is much stronger than glass, you shouldn't have to worry about display case breaks or cracks anytime soon. Just make sure that you clean the cases carefully to prevent scratches and other damage so that they will last as long as possible. 2. Acrylic is Safer Safety is probably one of the most important things that you think about when you run a museum. The last thing that you want is for someone to be injured while they enjoy the displays in the facility. Because glass is easily breakable, there is always the possibility that someone could get hurt if you have glass displays. Because acrylic is more durable — and because it typically doesn't shatter when it does break — it is typically a safer choice. Acrylic can help you ensure that your visitors have a pleasant experience and can help you avoid liability issues, too. 3. Acrylic is Easier to Fabricate In your museum, you might have different items of all different types and sizes on display. When you purchase displays for these items, you'll probably want to ensure that they are properly sized and designed to display your items. Although there are some glass fabrication options, you may find that your options for displays will be a bit more limited if you stick to glass. Acrylic can be melted and fabricated in many different ways, however. Work with the right acrylic fabrication company, and provide detailed instructions and specifications for the displays that you want to have made. Then, you can ensure that your displays are visually appealing. 4. Acrylic is More Affordable Of course, you probably don't mind spending money on displays and other necessities for your museum. However, if possible, you want to minimize costs. After all, your museum might be a non-profit organization that relies on admissions and donations. Funds might be limited, and you may want to allocate the funds that your museum does have toward new acquisitions or programs. You may also want to avoid spending too much on displays so that you can avoid raised admission prices for all of your museum's guests, too. Luckily, acrylic is typically significantly more affordable than glass. If you plan to purchase multiple displays, then your museum might enjoy significant savings, which will allow you to stick within your museum's budget. If you want to purchase display cases for your museum, you may want to avoid having them made out of glass. Instead, you may want to look into acrylic for the reasons above and more. Contact us at MGM Plastics so that we can talk to you about your museum's needs and help you take advantage of the benefits of acrylic.


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