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Use Acrylic Display Stands for Action Figure Sets

One of the biggest highlights of collecting action figures is displaying the figures. If you take the figures out of their package, then you can find multiple ways to pose the figures and any sets they come with. As an alternative to standard wooden shelves, you can order custom acrylic shelves to use for your action figure collections.

Learn about four unique ways to use acrylic display stands to pose your action figures like they are actually performing an action.

1. LED Lighting

The clear plastic used in acrylic display cases gives you a lot of lighting options. You can play around with LED puck lights that will shine through the plastic and reflect colors throughout the whole display. For example, you could mount red and yellow LED lights underneath a Flash action figure display to add a unique color scheme.

If you have a display of All-American action figures like Captain America, Lex Luger, or American Gladiators, then you can put red, white, and blue lights around the display. The lights will reflect and shine through the acrylic to create a unique glowing effect.

2. Acrylic Hooks & Ledges

If you want to display your action figures at different heights, then you can have custom hooks and ledges installed. A set of two hooks can hang close together and loop underneath the arms of an action figure to make the character look like they are flying through the air. You can utilize the hooks for many action figures.

Make Superman glide through the sky. Showcase Macho Man Randy Savage jumping off the top rope. Make Princess Leia fly through space like she did in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The hooks have a lot of versatility. Clear acrylic ledges can also provide a space for figures to stand and float above others.

When the hooks and ledges are molded into the plastic, you do not need to worry about using adhesives and the clear look of the acrylic remains.

3. Action Figure Biodome Shelves

If you have different collections of figures, you can give each collection its own shelf through separated sections. For example, you can order a custom acrylic shelf with four cubes. Separate the cubes for different themes and genres like science-fiction films, superhero films, or horror movies.

The different sections allow you to stay organized and give you a lot of decoration options. You can decorate the base of each section to help match the themes.

4. Background Decals

The finish of acrylic is clear, smooth, and ideal for decals. Using both small and large decals, you can decorate the background and sides of an action figure display shelf. A background can really make a big difference in the way your figures are displayed. For example, if you own Star Trek figures, you could use an outer space background decal.

If you collect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures, then you could look for sewer or New York City background decals. Each decal can reflect the theme of the figures and really elevate the way the figures are posed.

Along with a traditional background, you could choose decals based on specific movies. For example, you could purchase a decal of an official movie poster to stick to the acrylic. Many action figures come with their own decals you can use for background décor. The acrylic acts as an open canvas.

When you want to remove the decals, the stickers or residue will not leave any damage behind like they would on a painted surface. The durable acrylic gives you a chance to change up your décor when you want that option.

Place your custom acrylic display order with us at MGM Plastics. Our trained machinists will help execute and create an ideal shelf to display and fit all of your collectibles.


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