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How to Use Acrylic Merchandise Displays in Your Retail Store

Whether you've just opened your business or are expanding your online company into a physical retail space, good visual merchandising is crucial to display your products beautifully and draw in paying customers. Once inside, customers are likely to linger in an inviting and attractive space, and the longer a customer remains in your store, the more likely they are to buy.

Fortunately, the inclusion of creative, modern acrylic product displays can help provide that pleasant, smooth shopping experience for your customers — and increase sales. Need ideas on how to use custom acrylic merchandise displays? Read on for a few acrylic display ideas that can help you convert customers.

Showcase Creative Window Displays

The first thing a customer sees before entering your store is your signage and window displays, so make them count. Creative window displays are a powerful merchandising tool that communicates your shop's theme and objective. Intriguing, colorful displays may include geometric acrylic shapes, custom acrylic display boxes, or decorative acrylic frames.

When used in original ways, all of these acrylic options can be used to appeal to your target customer.

Incorporate Unique Countertop Displays

Smaller products are equally as valuable to your bottom line as larger products, but the former can be challenging to display in a way that draws customer interest. Rather than use a flat surface to showcase your smallest wares in a two-dimensional display, consider alternative display options atop counter space to invite customers to browse small products at their eye-level.

From leaflets to travel-sized serums, an attractive counter display, especially in high-traffic areas like registers and entrances, becomes a focused point of interest for browsing customers.

Well-designed, thoughtful countertop displays should be custom-sized to suit your products and flaunt your merchandise in an attractive way, inviting customers to touch and closely examine your high-quality goods.

Create Wall Interest

Chances are that your retail space has a lot of vertical square footage waiting to be utilized. Retailers commonly design wall displays with products from ceiling to floor, using hooks or other wall-mounted options, but thinking outside the box will set your space apart from the rest.

Larger scale, custom-cut acrylic signs, brand sayings, taglines, icons, or designs displayed on the wall behind merchandise are all excellent ways to incorporate your brand voice and identity into your product displays.

Elevate Product Displays

When it comes to eye-catching product displays, direct your customers' eye upward to notable focal points in order to prompt them to admire rather than simply scan your merchandise. Visually interesting displays with multiple levels influence customers to spend more time browsing your products, which inevitably results in more conversions.

Take care not to mount or display a product too high or out of reach of your customers. Simply display a product in such a way as to demonstrate its features or appearance, while giving customers the option to pick up their own on a table at their level.

Use Variety

To increase sales for certain products, display them in several different ways throughout the store. Various acrylic display options like freestanding displays, racks, tables, and end-caps give customers more than one way to view your merchandise. With increased exposure, your customers have multiple opportunities to consider purchase.

Design Custom Stands

Run-of-the-mill product stands are sufficient enough to display merchandise effectively, but a few subtle, custom touches to product stands enhances your customers' experience while in your shop.

Little details like logo nods or stands that include custom-shaped acrylic elements that align with your brand identity create a fun, particular shopping experience for your customers. A pet shop, for example, could utilize paw shaped acrylic details in their product display stands for a playful merchandising touch.

If you're ready to elevate your retail space with attractive acrylic products, get in touch with the acrylic plastic experts at MGM Plastics. Our team of professionals is standing by, ready to assist you with all of your acrylic needs.


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