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How Different Industries Use Acrylic

Acrylic, also known as polymethyl methacrylate, is a special form of plastic that often comes in sheets. It can fill many of the same roles as panes of glass, and it comes with several advantages — for example, it's lightweight, durable, easy to clean and maintain, and highly transparent. In fact, acrylic is one of the most versatile and useful materials on the market.

Many people see acrylic as a simple replacement for transparent glass, but in reality, it has a myriad of diverse applications that take advantage of its unique properties. Read on to learn about the many interesting uses of acrylic.


Acrylic is able to withstand much more pressure than glass, and it shatters into large, dull shards instead of thousands of sharp pieces. This allows acrylic to form thinner, safer windows, which is particularly useful in things like submarines and aircraft. While glass is more traditional for standard windows in homes and offices, acrylic has become a more popular choice in recent years, particularly for large windows in office buildings.

Acrylic is also used to protect headlights, as it shields the electrical components from the elements under any conditions.

Depending on the necessary shape, acrylic can make an effective windshield as well, especially for watercraft like speedboats.


Acrylic has a unique combination of durability and moldability, which allows you to create a display that fits any situation. One of the main benefits is that acrylic doesn't require a highly visible metal framework, which allows it to highlight what you present instead of distracting from it. Acrylic shelving is a stylish, modern way to display your wares, and acrylic sheets can make elegant signage.

In particular, acrylic is a popular choice when one presents at a convention or trade show; all eyes will be drawn to your products. Some companies have even made acrylic versions of their products for promotional reasons, such as Kawai's acrylic grand piano or the acrylic sports car from Lexus. If you use acrylic to promote your product, you'll be sure to draw attention.


Due to its strength, convenience, and shatter resistance, acrylic is a common choice for aquariums, from tabletop tanks to massive public attractions. For similar reasons, acrylic sheets are used as a divider between hockey rinks and the stands — with the speed that those pucks travel, you'll be glad the architects chose a strong material that doesn't block your view.


Acrylic has a wonderful blend of clarity and fidelity, which makes it an excellent choice for lenses. Naturally, this means many glasses manufacturers make heavy use of acrylic, but it's also used in things like telescopes, headlights, and even lighthouses. Acrylic is also common in daylight tubes, which funnel bright, natural daylight into locations where such light would normally be inaccessible.

Interior Design

Due to its incredible transparency and ability to play with light, acrylic is a stylish material. Furniture can be made from a combination of acrylic and cushioning, which gives it contrast, and acrylic can be colored to give it a futuristic feel.

Acrylic has been around since the 1800s, but in this day and age, it feels more modern than ever. Despite its many useful and unique qualities, it's very affordable and easy to use. If you want to promote your business, enhance your product, or simply add style to your home, turn to acrylic.

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