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5 Ways Your New Restaurant Can Use Acrylic

A lot of challenges face an entrepreneurial restaurant owner this year. Some of them are out of anyone's control, while others might be beyond your reach. If you partner with the right companies as you build your business, though, you can find ways to customize your building to make your new restaurant safe, unique, and just what your target audience is looking for.

One versatile material that can help with this is acrylic plastic. Today, take a minute to reevaluate what you know about this substance and see how acrylic can be precisely what your fledgling restaurant needs.

1. Custom Signs If you work with a company that customizes their work to fit the customer's needs, you can have them create the signs for your building. Plastic is lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand the weather, making it an ideal choice for outdoor signs. If you use the customized signs inside, you'll find that the surface is easy to keep clean, which testifies to the quality of your restaurant. 2. Windows On the subject of durability, acrylic has more strength than most forms of glass, which makes it a fantastic choice for windows. A few large sheets of acrylic — you could even add in your logo and sign information — and your new restaurant has a shield from the elements. The material is almost as pristinely transparent as glass, making it fit your needs all the better. 3. Display Stands On a smaller, more detailed scale, acrylic is still useful for your young business. Anything on the counter, like menus, business cards, and vouchers, can be stored in a plastic display stand so that everyone who comes to be seated or pay their tab will be able to read everything. Order clear plastic if you want everything to be visible or any color that complements your restaurant's scheme. You can also create display stands for the specials of the week or pastry displays that you keep well-stocked. Acrylic displays don't take attention away from your food; instead, they'll take a backseat to the platters of goodies and delicious scents that your dishes will provide, making them the perfect backdrop for the spotlight to shine on your products. 4. Counter Covers Many materials will wear down if exposed to harsh cleaning products over and over, so if your new restaurant is furnished with a lot of wooden tabletops and counters, you may wonder how to sanitize them without bleaching them or wearing them out over time. The solution? Custom-cut acrylic toppers sized to cover your countertop, tables, and even chairs. With table covers that protect more delicate surfaces, your staff will be able to quickly and sanitarily wipe down each spot between uses, leaving the tabletop pristine and safe to serve another customer. If you want to use tablecloths or doilies, place the acrylic over them to protect the cloth from any food spills. 5. Safety Measures With rising concerns about disease and virus spread, your customers and staff will want to know that you're keeping them safe. One of the CDC-recommended ways to keep germs from spreading is by erecting partitions between areas where people can't maintain social distancing. You can use acrylic sheets in front of the register or counter and between tables so that everyone can stay safe from spreading the disease. For all of your acrylic plastic needs, look no further than MGM Plastics. Since 1980, the company has been exploring and perfecting the arts of plastic and fiberglass, whether you need one-size-fits-all or custom made elements to make your restaurant succeed. Get in touch today to see how MGM Plastics can help your restaurant grow better and better.


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