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3 Ways To Improve Libraries With Custom Acrylic Plastic Products

Libraries offer several public services for citizens. One of the keys to a great community library is organization. When people come to visit, they should easily navigate the library and explore the world of books available for patrons. As you look for ways to improve your library, consider the use of acrylic plastic products.

Custom products are crafted and designed to fit within library settings. Browse through some ideas listed below and then come up with a few ideas of your own that will fit well within your library setting.

1. Floating Shelves

When all of the books sit together on shelf after shelf, they easily blend together, and some may end up becoming lost in the mix. Find ways to highlight specific books with floating plastic shelves. The clear finish of acrylic plastic allows the book to stand out. Find some open wall space to put up shelves and present a nice showcase for books.

With the shelves, you have many options for book selections. Near the front of the library, you can use the shelves to showcase some of the newest releases. Use shelves in specific sections to highlight books. For example, you could have an Arts & Entertainment section feature biographies of famous movie stars.

The shelves are an ideal way to show off themes and special collections. Around Halloween, the shelves are an easy way for patrons to find horror books and scary stories. Use the shelves to showcase staff picks. Library staff members can write on an index card and detail the reasons they love a specific book.

2. Themed Display Cases

A library offers a lot more than just books. The community resource often features several educational and interesting displays for people to see. As you plan out content for library visitors, consider the creation of a plastic display case. A plastic case offers protection when you put together displays and will discourage people from touching the items being showcased.

For example, you could have a model of the library or the town to showcase local attractions and historical buildings. You may have a theme, like the flags of the world, where you display international flags and information on different countries. A plastic case offers protection, but is also lightweight enough to easily lift and change displays.

Custom fabrication can create tabs on the ends of cases so you can easily screw the case down onto a surface like a counter or table. The screw holes and screws will prevent someone from pulling the display case up or knocking it over.

3. Donation Bins

Libraries often rely on the donations of patrons. Some of the main donations include books and movies. Instead of mixing items with a return slot, consider a custom donation bin created just for donated books and media. A large clear bin can feature a closed or open top. A closed top would have a cut slot on its side so patrons could slide items inside.

The clear bin can showcase how full the bin has gotten and allow librarians to process the donations before the bin becomes too full. The use of strong acrylic plastic also gives you the option to place the bin either indoors or outdoors as plastic can withstand most forms of harsh weather and perception. When outside, choose a covered bin with a slot that opens and shuts.

Customize donation bins further with paint and plastic pieces. For example, you could have a plastic sign that reads "Donations" on the outside. The plastic surface also makes it easy to tape on papers and flyers. For example, you may have a flyer that details the donation guidelines for your library.

Plan out all of your library product ideas with our professionals at MGM plastics. We have done a wide range of products and our advanced machinery can make your vision come to life with precise accuracy and craftsmanship.


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