Water Jet Cutting Services in San Diego, CA

Does your business work with many different pieces of equipment? Do you work with plastic and metal parts that need to be cut to size? Are you working on a large home project that requires you to use specific products and parts? MGM Plastics can provide you with elite water jetting services so that these pieces can be cut quickly and precisely. We're proud to serve clients, businesses, and residents in San Marcos, CA, and San Diego, CA, who have any projects that require plastic and metal cutting. Get in touch today to learn how you can benefit from this superior cutting service.

Quality Service Since 1980

Our custom plastic company specializes in tailoring fabricated parts and products for your specific needs—and we know that part of the process includes cutting down those parts to the shape and size you require. We use a state-of-the-art water jet cutter that uses a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive substances to cut through materials like hard plastic and metal. These parts can be used for any application, from mining and construction to other industrial, commercial, and residential ventures. The high pressure of the water, combined with the abrasive materials, allows for exact, fast, and powerful cutting. When you rely on our water jetting services, you ensure that your project can get finished on time and that each part you use will perfectly fit in place.
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