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Unique Ways to Custom Acrylic Pieces in Your Garden

A proper garden requires a lot of preparation and planning to grow effective plants and vegetables. Sometimes using the ground you have is not enough to properly grow your garden in a healthy way. Turn your dream vision of a garden into a reality when you plan ahead and rely on custom pieces. Collaborate with a plastic fabrication company to produce acrylic pieces.

Acrylic plastic is ideal for many parts of a garden and specific pieces can help increase the productivity of your garden on a daily basis.

Raised Garden Beds

Planting a garden directly in the ground comes with many disadvantages. The dirt is exposed to plant-eating animals like slugs and weeds can quickly overtake a garden space. A custom acrylic garden bed offers an ideal way to plant your garden in a raised setting. The thick plastic offers durability and will not deteriorate over time. The clear sides of the plastic allow you to see the soil quality and if any pests have invaded the soil. When you order an acrylic garden bed, you have the option to order custom sizes. You can order smaller plastic boxes for single plants or long plastic boxes ideal for a long row of plants. You also have the option for custom shapes to completely fit your needs. For example, you could order a large U-shaped garden bed that allows you to work from the center of the garden and treat the plants from all sides. Consider a novelty shape like the first initial of your name. A plastic company can help you come up with a final design to match your ideas.

Rainwater Capture Systems

Help the environment and use less hose water with the implementation of a rainwater capture system. Acrylic plastic can form into many shapes, including pipes to run a drain system that rainwater falls through. You can also order a plastic catch basin to hold the water. Consider small drain pipes to create a natural flow of the water from the catch basin and into your garden pipes. The size and length can fit your custom needs and design options.

Custom Laser Engraving

Easily label sections of your garden with engraved plastic pieces. Choose from a permanent piece on a plastic garden bed or smaller pieces you can interchange with the garden. Engraved pieces allow you to keep track of what plants you have in specific areas. Laser engravings can include names like "cucumbers," "strawberries," and "tomatoes." Choose custom options like the plastic color and font style. The custom labels add a unique touch to your garden and make it more personable.

Garden Vine Shape Designs A lot of plants have a unique life of their own, including garden vines. When you set up structures in your garden, vines will grow around the designs and create unique shapes. Create custom shapes with custom plastic pieces vines will grow around. You can choose basic shapes like circles, triangles, or squares. Order custom shapes like letters or symbols. The durable plastic will last for a long time in your garden. The custom piece may include small grooves or hooks to help the vines grow and cling to the plastic.

Indoor Plant Displays

In some situations, you may want to grow plants indoors. Indoor plants add a lot of design elements. Custom acrylic plastic pieces can host individual plants on a unique display. Design a plant display with holders made for pots and planters. Specific sizes will prevent the plants from falling. Design plant displays to fit into specific areas of a home. For example, you could have a custom piece created for a corner in your kitchen. Brainstorm different ideas to come up with a unique indoor garden display. For more information on custom plastic products, contact us at MGM plastics. We will help you through the whole design process to ensure everything is created with a professional finish.


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